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Grow Tent Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Part One)

Grow Tent Reviews, Part 1

Though many grow tents come with extras that experienced growers enjoy for idiosyncratic reasons, there are a few basics every grower can agree on. Grow tents must have excellent light economy (no leakage), be durable, easy to set-up and tear-down, and have a skeleton that holds weight.

Which common grow tents are good, bad, or downright ugly? Read these grow tent reviews and choose your poison:

Agromax grow tent

When it comes to quality, many growers agree this tent has been bashed with the ugly stick. In a thread on ICMagazine’s forum, user eastbeast wrote, “I'd had the big agromax for about a year and a half. I had to take it down twice and it didn't survive long after the second takedown. Shoddy/cheap material and the vents and zippers were terrible. Threw it away a few months ago. It was probably about two years old.”

Although other growers have used Agromax for small grows or as supplemental growing space, if you have plans for future grows then you might want to avoid this brand.

Rating: Ugly

Geneva Barns (Aviditi) grow tent

New growers frequently choose this grow tent because it is cheap and easy to find online. Again, if you are first starting out and don’t mind using your first crop as a learning experience, then you might consider playing around with this one.

Justintime233 posted an excellent startup guide over on Reddit. He had this to say about Aviditi:  The ventilation holes are kinda in weird places which limits how you can set things up. It doesn't say but most Avitidi tents are 600D material the lighthouse hydro ones are 900D so thicker and stronger.”

Hush posted on ICmagazine’s forum: “The one I got is fine, it will work for my purposes, but the quality is totally subpar. I absolutely plan on eventually replacing it.”

Rating: Ugly

GrowLab - Homebox grow tent

There’s a lack of consensus among growers about Growlab - Homebox’s durability. Before purchasing one, weigh your lights, can fans, and other equipment so that you have an accurate measure of how much weight you’ll suspend from the frame. Otherwise, it can get ugly.

According to Hubcap (THC Farmer), “HTG homebox tents will work, but… imo, i feel, the frame is sub par, at best. i lost a few [plants] because the frame isnt strong enuff to hold a can 60 and it dropped onto my plants.”

DonJuanMatus (THC Farmer) agreed: i ran a homebox xl a while back and had to place the filter on the floor because the rods were bending just from my air cooled hood”
Despite the weak structure and several complaints about small ports and difficult to access entryways, others swear by the brand. Butler420 wrote on, “It's got to be Homebox and / or Growlab every day of the week for me. Build quality, materials, design. Hands down winners. ”

And knowing what you need definitely helps when it comes to choosing the best grow tent for you. Caress of Steel (THC Farmer) is happy with their Homebox, stating,The zippers on the HB's are tough as nails, and what gets more work than the zippers. Steel frame is tough enough for my Sun System 2 and 6 in Vortex.”

Rating: Ugly, if you don’t know what you need. Good, if you do.

LED brand grow tent

Growers who have gone this route reported some problems with peeling, non-water-tight floors. There are other deficiencies as well. Green2Green commented on Reddit, I have a 4x4x7ft LED grow tent I got from amazon for $99 but after 6 months of use the zippers are starting to come apart and I am looking at some more better quality tents. ...  I would recommend something other than the LED brand grow tents on Amazon simply because mine is starting to fall apart after a few months use.”

A Frankenstein grow tent cobbled together with gorilla tape is pretty ugly.

Rating: Ugly

Although there are many cheap and crappy grow tents out there that fall straight into the ugly category, there are a few out there that are good. 

Check out the second part of Grow Tent Reviews for more brands!

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